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Yellowcake Shop | 1300 W. 78th Street, Cleveland, Ohio, Suite 20

Opportunities with an Idol

I recently had a wonderful opportunity recently to photograph new items to be featured online for one of my favorite clothing lines in Cleveland, Ohio—Yellowcake Shop.

Yellowcake is the signature line of women’s outerwear and accessories designed and crafted by artist and Project Runway alumna Valerie Mayén. 

Onyx S. | © extraordinaire photos

Onyx S. | © extraordinaire photos

Onyx S. | © extraordinaire photos

Project Runway

If you know me, you know that back when Project Runway hit the air, I was a binge-watcher (to be fair I still am with any show that I get hooked on) and in my opinion, Project Runway was the fashion equivalent to another one of my favorite reality television shows, Chopped. 

(Julian will probably never admit to this but when Project Runway was streaming on Hulu a couple of years back, I made him watch it with me and he was just as obsessed. We would literally quote Tim Gunn saying "Make it work" whenever the opportunity struck.)

From “Runways in 3D” to the infamous Rainway to using glow tape and neon lights for a dark runway and designing a dress out of actual flowers, there was never a dull moment every moment challenging these artists’ to think outside the box. 

I loved tuning in each week for the challenges and watching how these creative masterminds put their skills to work. Hands down the unconventional challenges were always my favorite. 

Back in 2010, during the eighth season of the show, it was the first time that someone from Cleveland was on the show, needless to say I automatically knew who I was rooting for because #ClevelandAgainstTheWorld 

I was instantly blown away by Valerie’s skills during the party supply challenged where she created the most stunning dress out of napkins…YES NAPKINS and who can forget the infamous Marie Claire Dress, a dress that legitimately looks good on every body type...I kid you not, from XS to XXL this dress is flattering on anyone that wears it!

Taking Charge During A Pandemic

Back in 2007 she started Yellowcake, who's homebase of operations is now located inside of 78th Street Studios in the Gordon Square Arts District, between her store and line and her legendary Hullabaloo fashion show, she has kept up the momentum since her Project Runway Days! When COVID hit Valerie quickly went to work creating protective face mask, now offering over a dozen options to choose from (my personal favorite being the Cat Print Mustard)

Yellowcake worked in conjunction with Case Western Reserve ThinkBox to develop reusable cloth face masks. The design focuses on comfort and safety while still being sanitary. Their goal is to get much needed supplies from their team's skilled hands into the hands of those who need them.

What Yellowcake is All About

Valerie’s garments are handmade in the United States with a keen attention to detail, superior construction, and timeless design. Every purchase made supports Yellowcake's larger mission to alleviate social issues and environmental challenges here and abroad.


The thing I admire most about Yellowcake’s mission is their dedication to Sustainable Fashion. As a brand they aim to produce high-quality, luxury pieces that provide value for consumers through handcrafted products, enacting everyday practices to reduce their carbon footprint, lower their contribution to textile waste, educate others in the process, as well as actively support members of the community, especially women and minorities.

Beret with Pom | © extraordinaire photos

Eco-Beanie with Pom + Wool Scarf | © extraordinaire photos

Infinity Hoodie Scarf | © extraordinaire photos

Luxe Hi-Low Tunic with Leggings | © extraordinaire photos

Shop Sustainable Fashion

I think I can speak for the majority when I say that I would rather spend money on a quality item that is going to last rather than a piece of ‘fast fashion’ that I’ll have to discard after a few months of wear.


Valerie’s designs are versatile, comfortable, playful, and luxurious. So whether you’re looking to accessorize a basic tee with jeans or style an outfit that transitions perfectly from day to night, Yellowcake’s work speaks for itself. Check out all of the items featured in this blog and more when you visit their website Treat yourself and pre-order one of these fabulous goods for yourself or someone you love this holiday season!

Black Velvet Classic Bomber Jacket with Black Velvet Classic Jogger

Sources: Yellowcake Shop

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