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New Kids on the 'ART' Block

Incredibly humbled that I had the opportunity to capture images for Current at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio of their incredible space.

Current, the new kids on the “art” block, are the newest addition to the 78th Street Studios art complex in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District--their entrance located off of 78th Street in Suite 101, and is a multi-studio space with a beautiful gallery and event space. ⁣

Co-Founded by Britney Kuehm and Angelique Gates, Current will be home to young adult creatives that are looking for affordable studio space and the opportunity to develop as professionals in Cleveland’s creative industries as being a part of a collective. ⁣

In addition to exhibitions, Current will host programming and events for and with community partners, artists, and advocates

A Collective Learning Space

Founded on the principles of collaboration and community, they look forward to working in partnership with fellow arts organizations across Cleveland and hopefully beyond.

Current is a creative community space that was grown from a desire to support young adult creatives, providing space to explore their creativity while building their professional acumen through collaboration and conversation. The space is new, but the concept is not.

Community development is fundamental in uplifting artists. As they join the artistic community in amplifying the work and talent that exists in the Greater Cleveland area, Current plans to serve as a microphone for young adult creatives of all voices and backgrounds.

Current was grown out of the conversation around and observation of the Cleveland creative scene. Rooted in collaboration and creativity. It is a space for young adult creatives to explore, creative, and learn while discovering their path within the Cleveland creative industries.


"Met the objects of her heritage behind plexiglass and has been ideating about their radical repatriation ever since"

Multi-disciplinary artist, Leila Khoury, examines the conflict, gentrification, and erasure of people and identity through their work; an exploration that balances the collaborative and the personal.


"Fundamental lessons on perspective drawing from the third and fourth grade are still my primary source of artistic knowledge"

Software accessibility researcher and artist, Anne-Marie, draws you into Cleveland's historic buildings and communities with detailed simplicity.

Shatara Miller

"She creates what she feels, imagines and witnesses."

Artist and Educator, Shatara Miller, also known by her pseudonym, Lady T, brings to life monumental figures. Thoughtful use of color simultaneously emphasizes the power and purity of such figures--elevating such traits often stripped and stolen from marginalized people.

Alicia Muir

"I hope to disrupt our experience with beauty...I am motivated to use my process to confront my own identity and development of my allyship"

Artist and arts educator, Alicia Muir's juxtaposition of natural forms with human-made materials challenges us to examine the impact we are having on the world around us; the preventable and irreversible.

An Introduction

Current recently had their opening weekend for An Introduction this past Friday, February 5th, and Saturday, February 6th--this exhibit will be on view until February 28th. Current is currently open by appointment and during 78th Street Studios THIRD FRIDAY Art Walks so reach out to them today to view their current exhibit.

You can join them this weekend along with many of the other creative businesses at 78th Street Studios THIS WEEKEND for an 'All About Love' Shopping Experience taking place on Friday, February 12th from 11 am-8 pm and Saturday, February 13th from noon-4pm. P.S...Extraordinaire Photos will also be hosting a pop-up studio on Friday from 11 am-6:30 pm offering love-themed portraits just in time post on the gram for Valentine's Day!

Project 1300

1300 people to pledge $50

PROJECT 1300 is Current's call to action, as they ask the members of our community to invest in their new creative space to help them reach their goal.

Investing in community spaces is what keeps these spaces available.

With over 3,000 square feet of open gallery, Current is looking to utilize this space to host community forums and exhibitions featuring local artists--attached to the gallery are offices that we are looking to convert into 10 micro-studios.

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