About the author: Molly-Jaye Kirchner

Meet Molly-Jaye Kirchner, recently signed author to Darkstroke Books.

Molly grew up in Lorain, Ohio with dreams of being an author. With her head always stuffed in a book, she started to jot her own ideas in composition notebooks. After passing the journals to her friends for elementary feedback, she knew she could make this dream come true.

After finishing her Bachelor of Arts in English from Bowling Green State University, she found herself working for non-profits, as a freelance journalist for a local newspaper, and finally at a college in administration. She realized that the traditional working world didn’t fit with her plan. A nine-to-five job forced her to sleep early when all she wanted was to return to her imaginary worlds. She quit her administrative job to work at a salon and went into a vocational program to become an esthetician. After four years in the industry, Molly now owns her own spa, makes her own hours, and has made a life where there’s plenty of time for make-believe.

Molly resides in northeast Ohio with her husband, their two Great Danes, and their perfect cat. The Alvah is set to be her debut novel and she hopes for many more titles in the future. She is also a member of the Pitch to Published writing group, the International Writers Association, and Literary Cleveland.

Author Molly-Jaye Kircher | © extraordinaire photos

The Photography Experience

When Molly got the news for her recent book deal, the first thing she did was call me to discuss taking some professional headshots for her debut novel The Alvah. I have had the pleasure of knowing Molly for a few years now and I am beyond grateful that soon I will officially be able to call her my sister-in-law.

So when she said she need a headshot for her author photo, I jumped at the opportunity and immediately started the process of finding out more about her novel, started a conversation about her brand and the vision that she had for the shoot and what type of portrait was needed for her debut on Darkstroke.

After a couple of days of brainstorming and prompting Molly to develop a vision for her brand and how she would like to be portrayed, we were able to come up with a concept for the shoot (after the standard portraits of course), and needless to say we made magic happen.

Kircher became popular on the social media platform Twitter and found a community of writers who follow along for the funny, witty, and silly things that she has to say and share. She tries to be nice and helpful but is also there for all the perverted jokes! (Let's be honest, we're all there for the perverted jokes) So when prompting Molly to describe to me what her brand is, she told me "I want my brand to reflect all those things (about me): like a dark sexy horse who can drink with the boys and go home alone, a girl who is funnier than the boys but throws them a bone every now and then for their ego"

I am beyond thrilled for Molly and this new journey that is ahead of her and I feel blessed to have been able to play a part in what I know will be a never-ending roller coaster ride filled with all the emotions one can imagine when being able to turn their dreams into a reality. THE ALVAH is just the beginning for the upcoming author, keep your eye on her. I can guarantee you this first novel will not be her last!

Molly-Jaye Kircher | © extraordinaire photos

About The Alvah

THE ALVAH is an adult science fiction thriller with romantic elements, proposed as a stand-alone novel with series potential. Written in an omniscient narrative with multiple points of view, the story evokes similar elements to THE DAVINCI CODE, SLEEPING BEAUTY, and SUPERNATURAL.

"Rachel Sanborn is a stubborn detective with a hazy past. As she works on an abduction case with her partner, a story comes to light regarding a secret society. They worship a powerful goddess from Mars whose planet was destroyed by the god of Earth. A story the church has tried to bury for eons.

With her case gaining traction, a mysterious stranger comes into her life and awakens memories and nightmares of her true identity. Succumbing to his charm, Rachel’s body is overtaken by her true form- the great goddess hellbent on revenge.

Her partner desperately attempts to save her, but it is Rachel who must save herself from the darkness taking over."

Darkstroke Books Presents: Molly-Jaye Kirchner's The ALVAH

A missing girl. a secret unearthed. a revelation awakened.

Shadows become nightmares when no one is watching…

In the small lake town of Scarlett, Ohio, Detective Rachel Sanborn is working on an abduction case with her partner, Noah Ward. After attending a fundraiser, a mysterious stranger, Charlie, arouses her interest. Inexplicably drawn to him, she welcomes this charming man into her life. But Noah’s gut reaction tells him something’s off. Or could that just be because of his own feelings for her?

Hitting nothing but pitfalls on their case, they slowly begin to uncover buried truths. Sinister tales emerge, spinning a web of deception and chaos. Rachel’s past creeps into her present, exposing memories she thought she had forgotten.

As Noah becomes increasingly concerned, insidious deeds play out in the dark.

Must Rachel succumb to a destiny she was unaware of? And when the truth finally comes to light, will anyone survive?

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the alvah is scheduled to release feb 2021

Pre-order your copy today available on kindle and paperback IN EARLY 2021!